Friday, May 7, 2010

Cranky Desk Toy

Cranky wants to help you remember stuff by holding cards, pictures, notes, reminders, or whatever you can wedge in its little claws. This four-legged fidgety friend will dance like crazy to get your attention.

Add a kooky diversion to your work space with Cranky
Lots of gears and spokes give him a geeky, homemade look
Wind-up gadget moves like an insect
Made of stainless steel with rubber feet - Comes in Assorted colors
6.3" H x 3.2" W x 2.5" D

My review
These little gear box wind-up toys (you can watch all of the action as it takes place - the toy has an "open" build) are soooo much fun. My son and I found these toys by Kikkerland while on vacation, and I decided to purchase them from Amazon. "Cranky" isn't as active a toy as several of the others in this series, but he can hold note cards, business cards, photos, etc., which makes it fun for a desk. My only recommendation to the company would be to consider adding a timer to Cranky... how cool would it be to have Cranky go off, and the note he is "holding" is the reminder for your next call or meeting? I really wish the photo of Cranky showed better colors. For example, my Cranky has red rubber feet and a bright yellow windup key. Very snappy! All of the keys and feet differ between the individual toys, so you never know what you'll get.

I bought two of the more active toys for my 8 y.o. son (Awika and Cosmojetz), and they've been a big success! I only recommend the toys for responsible children who do not beat up or abuse their toys. These are not Mattel or Playskool toys, but cool and fun? Yep, way more unusual and cool than your average toy. Recommended!

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