Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sony DVP-FX930 9-Inch Portable DVD Player, Black

njoy your favorite movies on the road with the DVP-FX930 portable DVD player. Boasting a large 9-inch, high-resolution widescreen display and up to six hours of battery life, this portable device is ideal for long flights and car rides. Conveniently located touch keys and a 180-degree swivel and flip screen make it a breeze to operate and watch your favorite flicks. And when you want more than movies, this portable DVD player lets you view your personal photo albums and plays your CDs or MP3s. You can even share audio and video with a friend via two built-in headphone jacks. The FX930 is available in black, blue, red, pink and white.

9-Inch, High-Resolution, Widescreen Monitor
Enjoy entertainment on the go with the Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player, featuring a nine-inch, high-resolution screen (800 x 480 resolution) and widescreen display.

6-Hour Rechargeable Battery
With up to six hours of battery life, the Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player lets you watch approximately three full-length movies before having to recharge.

180 Swivel and Flip Monitor
A convenient180-degree swivel and flip screen allows you to watch your DVDs from almost any angle.

Touch Keys on Bezel for Easy Operation
Easy-to-access touch keys are conveniently located on the frame surrounding the player's screen.

Multiple Format Disc Playback
View movies and photos and listen to music with multiple format playback.

Ultra-portable at under two pounds. Click to enlarge.

Available in Five Colors
The DVP-FX930 series comes in five colors to complement the player's stylish design. Choose classic black or select a stunning blue, red, pink, or white player.

Two Built-In Headphone Jacks
Share your entertainment with friends and family with two built-in headphone jacks.

Dual Sensors for Enhanced Remote Control Use
Dual sensors on the player let you operate the remote control from various angles.

Car Adaptor Included
Included car adaptor helps make sure your DVD player is always ready to go no matter how long the road trip.

Disc Resume
With disc resume, you can boot up a DVD where you left off.

A/V Input and Output
Plug the DVP-FX930 into your TV using the A/V output and it instantly becomes a standard DVD player.

12-bit/108MHz Video DAC
Enjoy a pristine picture every time you play a DVD with 12-bit/108MHz Video DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion). The DAC technology minimizes digital artifacts and fine picture gradation for an image that's closer to the original source.

What's in the Box Sony DVP-FX930 9" Portable DVD Player (Black), Remote Control (RMT-D191), Rechargeable Battery Pack, AC Adaptor (AC-FX160), Car Battery Charger (DCC-FX160), Owners Manual, A/V Cable

Enjoy sharp, crisp images with the high-resolution Sony DVP-FX930 stylish portable DVD player. The DVP-FX930 features a nine-inch (diag.) screen and six hours of battery life, allowing you to watch your movies from virtually anywhere for an extended period of time. Convenient touch-screen keys and a 180-degree swivel and flip screen make it easy to operate and watch your favorite movies.

My Review
I had been looking at the previous Sony model that had over 300 reviews and CNET had it as their choice in the portable DVD products in the 7"-10" screen sizes.

I am very please with the latest Sony model, what has changed is they made the screen an inch larger and placed touch buttons on the newer model. This FX 930 looks more modern, sleek although it is a little larger.

I am very pleased as I have played various DVD's, using full and normal settings that you can select for wide or standard screen formats. I have played many CD's from the actual artists to my own made CD's at home and played music files from my PC and taken along photos like a photo album when I want to share or have those close to me with me so to speak when traveling.

Sound is fine for the little speakers but 99% of the time I use really good headphones and you get two jacks so you can share when sitting with someone on a plane, train, or in the car as long as you are not driving. Had to toss that in! ;)

It is not too heavy compared to many, certainly much less than a laptop and still small enough screen size to know you are not luggin around a laptop. Battery life is standard, I have it run out yet but have not been on pure battery for 6 hours yet either. I try to have it plugged in most of the time during use and for the car you get a car charger included in the box.

Being it is smaller it makes it more mobile for your travels whether local or abroad.

I have been using this item non-stop almost without any issues. Could it be improved, yes, almost any product can be and as with any electronics they seem to improve with almost each iteration.

With this said, you can save $30-$40 by buying the previous model. It is an inch smaller but the screen resolution is the same and many of the features are almost identical.

Take it for a test drive and remember you've got 30 days to test it and if it is not what you like or expect, return it and try another, but choices on these products are quite limited since many use their PSP, iPhone, or iPods to watch movies/videos etc.

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